Monday, March 28, 2011

Hit the decks running ....

A couple of days ago I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast until 11:30. Very bad for the metabolism, I know. Weeks of deck construction and landscaping means I hit the decks running every morning.  A whole lotta stuff's been going on out there; power saws, nail guns, pick-ups in the driveway, a bobcat shoving dirt around, 3 dogs barking at the workers ....
Chris & Ed, my new BFFs
My usual peaceful ritual to start my day ... reading the newspaper over a nice breakfast ... gone. Replaced by my new ritual which is to wipe down dirty dog Louis several times a day, who loves to roll around in all this exciting new dirt. So I wolfed down some cereal on the run but in my haste to rush out again to water 80 drooping new plants, the bowl dropped to the floor where it shattered everywhere. Grrrrrr. How I wish this back yard project would be over.
Alrighty. Got the bitching out of the way. The rest is all fabulous! It IS almost done and it's beautiful! Come along and see.

Our beautiful deck, patio and surrounding landscape were all designed by the most talented landscape architect team of all time ... who also happen to be my cousin and his wife; Steve and Katherine. (They also happen to live right across the road from us, and how they arrived there is another incredible story in itself. I'll tell ya sometime. ) Their supervision and hard work on this project has been so appreciated! We're all decked out!

When this concrete slab was poured for the stone patio, Louis ran through it, then onto the deck with cement-y paws. Grrrrrr.

Getting there.......

The deck is finished and the furniture arrives .....

We love the chevron pattern Steve & Katherine designed for the overhead.
Even though we aren't finished with the landscape portion of the plan, we couldn't wait to christen the deck over the weekend. Steaks and Shiner Bocks were in order.

The lighting is awesome ... it's in the risers of the steps, the overhead and the trees.
(left to right) Katherine, my hubby Mike, Steve, and friend and neighbor Jane

It's all been so worth it. We've gone from insanity to Zen. Well, almost.
(But somehow I think my troubles aren't over.)



Final, final photos to follow .... once the beds are mulched and Steve and Katherine have added their artful touch with potted plant arrangements on the deck. Heaven!


Jody said...

Gawd, Naughty Dogz are just so BAD, aren't they? Louis, Louis!

But the deck is FABulous. The lighting, the chevrons, and is there some storage in a bench?


And with regard to Rosemary's self-swaddling, I will swear to it in any court in the land. Have seen it done. She makes a lovely bride and an adorable baby.



Fragrant Liar said...

This is gorgeous! They did a really great job. Can't wait to see it sometime.

Studio Zanne said...

Beautiful! When do we get invited over to paint! LOL!