Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

Rascally rescue dog Louis chewed a substantial hole in dachshund Rosemary's blanket and somehow, during the self-swaddling process known to doxies, Rosemary managed to work her little head through that hole. When nature called, I found her at the door asking to go out ... wearing this long trailing cape, not unlike Princess Di's wedding gown. Just not quite as regal, what with the fleecy fabric and doggie silhouettes and all.

That was a good one. We've seen this blanket used as an accessory in a variety of ways; as a saddle when she leaves her bed and wanders about the house with it on her back, as a Mother Teresa look-alike when she pops up with it draped about her head ... but never before as this lovely bridal wear.

The other day a Facebook friend wrote that nothing seems to draw the comments like a post about dogs. Ain't it the truth.

We love to talk about our dogs. They grab our hearts like no one can. Their love is pure, the devotion is 1000%, and their antics are hilarious. Even the naughty antics are forgiven because there is no harm intended. Besides, we love them so.

On the worst of days, how can you not laugh when you see something like this? Dogs are our little clowns who melt our hearts and brighten our days. And if you were to ask Rosemary if she loves her Mama undeniably, she would say.....


P.S. An example of self-swaddling. I swear she did this all by herself!


Unknown said...

What wonderful pictures. I love dog stories.

Fragrant Liar said...

She swaddled herSELF? Now that is a royally talented pup.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I like Rosemary's train much better than Diana's. And that girl does know how to cuddle.