Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pura vida!

One month ago, when my husband and I returned from our lovely vacation in Costa Rica, I fully intended to blog about that vacay vibe we all vow to hang onto when it's over. You know ... that mellow and relaxed free spirit you become when you've had a good dose of beach time, of books, mojitos, and sarongs, of other people cooking delicious meals for you and serving them poolside, and of taking your cues from the laid-back locals whose mantra is "pura vida," .... a phrase which embodies well being, harmony and positivity .... basically translating to "everything's cool, bro."

Pretty much like this ....
 ... and this,
... and this,
 ... and this:
You arrive in Costa Rica looking like a stuffed shirt with a fresh pedicure. Your hair is flat-iron smooth and you've just had your roots done. Your make-up is smart and proper, and your long umbre scarf is swagged artfully about your neck. You're stressed from traveling and exhausted from the previous hectic day of departing arrangements ... the dogs, the yard, the mail, the packing.

But fast forward ten days. You're leaving Costa Rica relaxed and looking like a native ... tan, hair sun-bleached and wild, bra-less in a beachy maxi dress and flip flops and wearing the exotic shell earrings you bought off a beach vendor. (And that turquoise anklet which you'll probably never wear again. Wow, really? What were you thinking?) But you don't care ... you're rockin' the surfer beach vibe. Your high school Spanish had come back to you in little bursts all week so now you attempt the local phrases like a fool. "Hey Tico, que hay de nuevo?" (What's going down?) But it's cool. Whatever. It's all good, man. 

And as you board the plane for home in this pura vida zone you think, now THIS is the way life should be lived. The Ticos have it so right ... enjoy every moment, soak it up, no worries! And you swear you'll maintain this state of mind back home ... this natural, easy-breezy way of thinking, of dressing, of living! Pura vida! 


We return home to Texas to no running water. I pick up the dogs from the kennel and the bill is astronomical. The internet is down for 5 days. And the land line. And our security alarm. And all that cable trouble knocks out the TVs for days.  Eventually it all gets fixed. But then .... the water craps out again.

Meanwhile the notes I'd scribbled on the plane for that blog post were long forgotten. I've strapped on a bra, fired up the washing machine, done nine loads in between water outages, and plugged in my flat iron in an attempt to look put-together.

Make-up on ... check.
Vacuum up dog hair ... check.
Cook seven days a week ... check.

I had hit the decks running and never looked back. So many things had wiggled their way onto my plate that I couldn't settle down to write. My Costa Rica blog post had slipped away.

And then I realized something. Wise up, sistah ... life just isn't one long vacation. That's the ying and yang of it ... the vacay vibe can't exist without that regular, everyday, run-of the-mill stuff and all it's routine hassles. What's a vacation worth if not to escape from the daily drudgery? And the truth is, I'm so grateful to have a fantastic, abundant life which is virtually stress-free. My days are filled with creativity, family and friends I adore, and a couple of precious and hilarious doggies. Nothing I could call drudgery! It was my hard-working husband who really needed the vacation and I was lucky to get in on that.

We DID love Costa Rica and have decided to return next year for two weeks! So I've tucked away the sarongs and turquoise anklet until then and meanwhile ...

.... everything's cool, bro.

Pura vida to all! 


Annie said...

This looks lovely! Not sure about the fish head and tail, but I think I can see beyond it. Everything else is so beautiful. Sorry reentry was a little rough!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I loved this! But, I'm thinking I could do the vaca thing, all the time.No problem.