Monday, April 11, 2011

Believe it

The starting point for all deliberate manifestations is always with the desired end result in mind.
                                                                                                  --- Mike Dooley

I truly believe this.

Case in point:
Years ago I dreamed of going on a Mediterranean cruise, imagining that this must be the ultimate of all vacations. My husband and I have enjoyed three cruises in the past and so I assumed that he might be on board with this idea.

Nope. He decided he didn't want to cruise anymore, that all those stops in all those ports aren't all that relaxing for him. He has always traveled a great deal with his job so now he's decided that his idea of a vacation is to park a beach chair in the sand and never move from it.

Okay. I get that. But this threw me for a loop and a Mediterranean cruise was on my dream list. Now, if my husband didn't want to go, how was I ever going to work this out?

I reminded myself that I don't need to worry about the "hows" ... that's the job of the universe. Believe ... that was my job. So I kept dreaming about a Mediterranean cruise and believed that someday it would somehow happen.

In one hour I leave for the airport to fly to Athens where I will board a luxurious cruise ship. My BFF of 48 years, who has been a travel agent for 35 years, was offered a free 10 day Mediterranean cruise for two by the cruise line rep. She chose me as her guest! And here's what happens folks, when you believe in a dream and you turn it over to the universe to arrange for you .... the plan that is offered you will be far, far better than anything you could possibly design for yourself. We were originally booked into a beautiful cabin (the reps want the agent to have a really great experience so that they will rave about and sell those trips) but 3 days ago we were upgraded to the penthouse suite with butler services! Pinching myself. Yeah. Better than anything I could have ever designed for myself.

Belief is a powerful force now acknowledged by the world of science as a means to manifest the tremendous, beautiful, meaningful lives we dream of. Stuff happens in your brain when you believe and visualize something with great certainty, stuff with neurons and synapse and what-not, (that's my super scientific explanation) especially when you pair that belief with a trust that you are being cared for by a divine intelligence, spirit, universe, whatever you choose to call it. Whether it be a dream vacation, a rewarding career, love or great health ... whatever it may be, we can have that if we believe  we can. On the other hand,  if we don't believe we can have the life of our dreams ... that can be arranged as well.

Off to a enjoy a trip of a lifetime! I hope to post a short blog post or two from the ship!

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Studio Zanne said...

Great blog, Michelle...and so true! Helps to see others living this...keeps us all remembering the importance of envisioning our hopes and dreams!